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MEGA TECH Mega tech Co.,Ltd.
Business Activitie
Customized manufacturing, overhaul, maintenance International import, export, and trade
Heavyweight transport (re-location, set up, installation) Press related consulting
Export and Import, Foreign Trade
As it is laid out in the Megatech motto and policy, it is our mission to provide the highest level of service and maintenance follow up for each and every product we sell; within Japan or internationally.
Megatech can provide an array of international services, from the distribution of press equipment to full creation of international factory locations or re-locations and the management of large international trade. We take the responsibility to execute all tasks related to your factory including equipment transport and even the mandatory paperwork in between.
Up until now Megatech has handled projects in Mexico, America, and China that involved the entire creation of a new factory including all logistics, presses and peripheral equipment to do so. We also have shipment and international trade experience to Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
Furthermore, we have worked closely with our affiliate companies, Megatech Asia (China) and Amano Press Machinery (Thailand), in creating a follow-up maintenance infrastructure in those respective countries.

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