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Business Activitie
Customized manufacturing, overhaul, maintenance International import, export, and trade
Heavyweight transport (re-location, set up, installation) Press related consulting
Consulting Services
We even welcome such general questions such as, "I have a good idea of what machinery I need, but would like a final consultation before making the purchase.", "I would like to hear your opinions about press machinery and the functionality of die, including technical methods.", or "I would like to understand more information about how to take my production abroad in an international capacity."
We welcome all questions, even if they may appear to be on the fringe of our business model. At Megatech we believe that taking on new methods of research and development is an important part of the creativity process and that new research and information is vital for an organization`s vitality.
* Proposals for the most cost efficient equipment investments
* Production method and die production advice
* Introductions to trusted suppliers
* Realistic market information based on our years of experience
These are just a few of the press related production information we are able to consult about. From actual machine and technology related concerns to business management information, Megatech does not base its consultations on guesses and rumors, but on real data and field experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries.

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