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Business Activitie
Customized manufacturing, overhaul, maintenance International import, export, and trade
Heavyweight transport (re-location, set up, installation) Press related consulting
Since our inception, Megatech has spent substantial effort in constantly streamlining and improving our specialized maintenance and overhaul technique to bring out the greatest potential of your equipment.
Megatech service does not end with the purchase of your machinery. To ensure our customers enjoy longevity of their machine investment we can provide comprehensive follow-up maintenance. Should a machine purchased be deemed to not be providing the type of efficiency necessary, we brainstorm ideas and propose a plan for how to best customize your equipment for the best value. Since our founding we have gained much experience and accolades through assisting customers with difficult design and production issues such as precision fingers and rotary actuators.
In 2000, to better our maintenance and innovation potential, Megatech established our factory site in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture. With the establishment of this site we have been able to fortify our Machinery maintenance, technical development, and purchase/restore/resale activities.
Our approach with everything we develop, produce, and distribute is a direct extension of our deep commitment to our dedication to the realization of the Megatech mission policy. In this way we will continue to develop solutions and technical advancements to consistently deliver effective solutions to the most difficult press processes and always putting our customers at the top of their efficiency potential.

Megatech manufacturing machine details
Intelligent multitasking machine (MULTUS B550)
Max turning diameter : 830mm
Max work length : 2,000mm
Spindle speed : 2,400min-1
Turret : H1 ATC
Motor : VAC 37/30kW
Floor space : 8,030mm x 3,258mm
5-sided applications machining center
Effective width : 3050mm
Top of table to spindle width : 350 - 2650mm
Travels (X-Y-Z) : X=5000mm Y=3700mm Z=1000mm
Table size : 2500mm X 4800mm
( Automated 90? angular head[ 5?indexing ] )
Side die MC (BMC-63E)
Travel (X-Y-Z) : X=1000mm Y=800mm Z=850mm
Table size : 630m X 630mm
(2APC index table[ 5?indexing ] )
Vertical mold MC (VK45)
Travel (X-Y-Z) : X=760mm Y=500mm Z=450mm
Table size : 490mm X 900mm
Vertical mold milling cutter (SEV) (2UMB) (IFB-V-35G)
Travel (X-Y-Z) : X=780mm Y=450mm Z=300mm
Table size : 390mm X 1350mm
Travel (X-Y-Z) : X=700mm Y=300mm Z=400mm
Travel (X-Y-Z) : X=1200mm Y=400mm Z=500mm
Table size : 1800mm X 380mm
General purpose lathe (NAK-B) (TE-2500) (DLG-SHB) (LS)
Travel : 800Φ X 5500mm
(TE-2500) x2
Travel : 800Φ X 2500mm
Travel : 600Φ X 2000mm
Travel : 400Φ X 1000mm
Drill press (RE3-1600)
Head travel : 1350mm
Vertical arm movement : 800mm
Surface grinder (PSG-64AN) (PSG-63AN)
Travel (X-Y-Z) : X=800mm Y=450mm Z=250mm
Travel (X-Y-Z) : X=700mm Y=400mm Z=250mm
Form sander (GS-BM)
Travel (X-Y-Z) : X=600mm Y=200mm Z=200mm
MEGA TECH Tochigi Division
MEGA TECH Tochigi Division

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