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Megatech used machinery sales began simply from seeing really excellent machines slowly disappearing just because they were a little out-dated. We began to purchase a few machines and restore them in our workshops. The results of our efforts were outstanding, and we began to expand on our purchasing of the machines slowly. Since the establishment of our Tochigi site in 2000, we generally have a stock of about 50 machines at all times and we are steadily working to expand that number.
Depending on the condition of the machine, an appropriate warranty may be included to allow the customer to enjoy not only short term investments in the equipment, but also have assurance that their machines will stay reliable in the long term.
For ordering and information, all Megatech used press machines and equipment can be found on our "Used machines" page. You can contact us with any questions or inquiries with our "contact us" form, and we look forward to hearing from you.
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