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Press machinery from Megatech and a variety of other brands Used presses machine
Automated, robotic, and conveyer machinery. Press peripherals die forging tools
Custom built machinery
Automated, robotic, and conveyer machinery. Press peripherals
Automation, robotics, and conveyor machinery: We are able to cater peripheral accessories to the machine that you have planned your production around and customize the machine from your preferred maker. In 2001 Megatech was recognized by the Orii&Mec Corporation for excellence in distribution and sales and we have built our experience and know-how as the years go on.
In the case that higher process efficiency and productivity are necessary, we are able to customize machines with mechanical precision fingers, servo drive capability, perception sensors (PSDI), and other such apparatus. And if the market machinery still does not meet your demands Megatech can create for scratch a machine that meets your production needs. (*Please see Made-to-order page)
Megatech original peripheral accessories
Currently a very popular product, the MSF series utilizes servo drive control on both X axis and Y axis, and with NC control gains a multiple column materials feeder. Although originally designed to work with the MTP series presses, this apparatus can compliment any ordinary press to achieve greater cost efficiency and generate more power.
Distributed makers
AIDA ENGINEERING, LTD. Sheetmetal, Forge presses, industrial robots, automated machinery, die tools
Komatsu Industries Corp. Sheetmetal, forge presses
AMADA CO.,LTD. Small presses, die racks
ORII & MEC CORPORATION Industrial robots, NC feeders
KOSMEK LTD. Die clampers, automated die interchanging devices
Okuma Corporation Machining center, NC apparatus
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Wire cut, electrical discharge manufacturing machines
YASDA PRECISION TOOLS K.K. Machining center, jig borers
DIMAC Co.,Ltd. NC feeders
Riken Optech Corporation Presence sensing laser equipment (PSDI), Fail detection systems, Load sensors
ADVANCED SYSTEM Co.,Ltd. Die cushion, Sound-proof casing, anti-swing equipment
SUGIYAMA ELECTRIC SYSTEM INC Digital cameras, Fail detection systems
DATE CO., LTD. Automated feeders
IZAWA METAL Co.,Ltd. Anti-swing mounts
Kanematsu KGK Corp. Wire cut, electrical discharge manufacturing machines
YUASA TRADING CO., LTD. Machine tools, instuments
Katagiri Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. Diamond wheel (for ultra-fine grinding purposes)

Megatech original peripherals
Servo feeder MSF series
made-to-order machinery
Made-to-order Machinery page
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