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Megatech transfer press MTP series
1) High rigidity unified steel sheet straight side frame construction allows for high speed, high precision manufacturing with excellent durability and endurance.
2) With the transfer feeder equipment stable conveyance and higher productivity is accomplished during high-speed operation. (Transfer conveyor and blank pusher have different timings)
3) the impact of the eccentric load is minimized. It has been realized by a connecting rod to fit inside the processing stage of all. and Influence of the eccentric load stays minimized by this effect. And die life is greatly prolong life by the Synergistic effect of the characteristics of 1).
4) The upper die component can be adjusted before each step due to separate construction and height can be easily fine-tuned before each step (1/100 gradations)
5) Oil supply, air pressure, miss-grip, feed bar, pusher, and safety guard use interlocking attachment for assured safety during production.
6) At each stage the upper knockout can be adjusted between mechanical or air operation, and with mechanical operation timing can be adjusted.
7) With air combination clutch and brake equipment stabilized production can be achieved during high-speed operation.
8) Each part has a compulsory lubrication system, and just-in-case a stick removal mechanism is included.
MTP-1000 MTP-450
Middle clamp unit
The middle clamp unit apparatus is set in the center of the machine in order to remove play and bending of the feed bar to achieve safe conveyance during high speed operation.
Servo feeder (option)
Columns 1,2,3, and 4 are easily interchanged so production start-up is as easy as programming the number of blanks and columns to be used.
Touch-panel operations console
We have improved the operations console for greater functionality and ease of use. The result is more efficient safety for the machine, die components, and the operator. The internal mis-feed monitor stops the machine immediately and alerts the operator of the problem.
Hydraulic overload protector
In the case of an overload, this is a feature which will protect the machine and the die from damage.

Die cushion : generally used for raising processes.
Lift-up cushion : Raises the forged material to the feeding level.
Hydraulic upper knockout : Contributes to the precision of the processed material.
Wax supply pump : Specialized wax for raising processes which simultaneously cools and lubricates the die component.
Air ejector, Uncoiler
Standard specifications
* Basic specifications for all models, but alterations can be made to request. For more details please contact us and we will be flexible in making adjustment to meet your demands.
Model MTP-450-14HB MTP-450-14HC MTP-600-14HB MTP-600-16HBK MTP-800-16HB MTP-1000-18HB
Pressure/total processes 45ton 45ton 60ton 60ton 80ton 100ton
Pressure at each stage 10ton 13ton 13ton 10ton 14/ First stage only 20ton 13ton/16ton(special specification)
Stroke length 140mm 100mm 160mm 140mm 190mm 190mm
Stroke number
(can be adjusted)
40~150spm 40~200spm 40~120spm 40~100spm 35~100spm 35~80spm
Die height 280mm 280mm 350mm 310mm 420mm 450mm
Upper die adjustment 20mm 20mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Shank hole diameter φ32 φ40 φ40 φ38 φ50 φ38
Processes 14 13 (actual) 14 16 15 (actual) 18 (actual)
Bolster surface(LR×FB) 1,500×380mm 1,500×380mm 1,730×450mm 1,730×450mm 2,250×540mm 2,250×540mm
Bolster thickness 60mm 90 100mm 150mm 100mm 100mm
Feed stroke/mould area pitch 100mm 100mm 120mm 100mm 130mm 120mm
Clamp stroke (one side) 50mm 50mm 60mm 55mm 70mm 70mm
Feed bar internal width
(when clamped)
120mm 140mm 150mm 140mm 160mm 180mm
Feed level
(to the bottom of the bar)
130mm 132mm 180mm 130mm 222mm 252mm
Feed bar cross section dimensions 60×20mm 60×20mm 70×25mm 70×25mm 75×25mm 75×25mm
Feeding direction left to right left to right left to right left to right left to right left to right
Maximum blank diameter φ80 φ80 φ100 φ80 φ100 φ100
Maximum raising thickness 47mm 33mm 55mm 47mm 63mm 63mm
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa
Main motor 15kw×4p 22kw×4p 15kw×4p 22kw×4p 37kw×4p 37kw×4p
Machine Dimensions
x 2,893mm
Weight 7.6ton 8ton 15ton 15ton 23ton 23ton
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