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In recent years demand has steadily increased for raising processed battery cases out of aluminum and other materials. With the Megatech BCT and MST series trimming presses we have addressed common issues such as edge resiliency, production speed, and accuracy problems. You can expect smooth and efficient automated processing with our original specialized machines.
By using a specialized die set, detailed trimming is obtained through four-sided application in 6 to 8 steps. The newest models of both series are equipped with a servo drive. The BCT-6 is built for car lithium battery cases and the MST-8D is specialized for smart phone size battery cases.
BCT-6 basic specifications
Model BCT-6
Processing steps 6 steps (2 for trimming process)
Trim capacity 30 Kn
Strokes per Minute (spm) 25 - 30spm

Pitch between stages

Clamp stroke 20mm
Trim stroke short side:6mm long side:4mm
Lower knockout
(trim process)
Upper knockout
(trim process)
Maximum case dimensions:
(Long end x short end x length)
172.8 x 20.8 x 83.8mm
167 x 22.7 x 119mm
170.5 x 43.5 x 98mm
164.5 x 45.9 x 101mm
Number of servo axis 6 axes (equipped with 5)
Control Touch panel control console
Power source AC200V 3-phases 30A
Air pressure 0.5Mps
Maximum trim amount 20mm
Weight (including peripherals) 1100kg
External dimensions 2186 x 912 x 2075mm
MST-8D characteristics and specifications
Servo motor drive, 5 pivot stable movement
High precision adjustable ram slide with case shape guide
Knock out stroke can be adjusted to preference
Pre-production maximum case length 110mm
*Longer case length can be accommodated with prior consultation
Confirmation of production numbers is made easy with touch panel direct input operation.
Standard mistake sensor equipped
*Optional overload checking before and after each step by knockout
Through use of a specialized die set, die changes are made easy and quick
Production efficiency is improved further with automated open and closure of the conveyer machinery
Model MST-8D
Processing steps

7 steps (not including stack processes)

Processing capacity
(at each step)
Stroke number 25 - 50spm
Pitch between stages 132mm
Slide stroke 8mm
Slide open height 133mm
Slide surface 130W x 150D
Front to back knockout 130mm
Magazine case dimensions 100 x 15mm
Maximum case length 110mm
Servo drive maximum trim 2kw x2、1kw x1
400w x2
Motor for opening and closing 0.2kw (1/100 geared motor)
Control Touch panel console
Power source AC200V 50/60Hz
Air pressure 0.5Mpa
Weight 2000kg
External dimensions 2455 x 1110 x 1490mm
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