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MEGA TECH Mega tech Co.,Ltd.
Business activity
Not only sales, but comprehensive support.
From only press machines to complete factory production line creation,
at Megatech we use our experience and practiced efficiency in handling any consultation or request.
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Customized manufacturing, overhaul, maintenance
Always highly regarded and closely followed, Megatech`s innovative customizations, overhauls, and detailed maintenance is known to be one of our strongest points.
Heavyweight transport
With our comprehensive heavyweight transportation equipment we handle all of your transport and plant set up needs. Our expert staff can do the heavy lifting of your press machinery and do set up and installations. We take full responsibility in making sure it is executed right.
International import, export, and trade
East or west we can take care of complicated import and export for your business and set up local follow-up maintenance to make sure that you are assured to highest quality service and satisfaction.
International import, export, and trade
Press related consulting
Information about highly cost efficient press machinery, technical production methods, introductions to trusted suppliers, and international information: At Megatech we consult on all issues related to press machinery and production.
Press related consulting

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