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Megateck and our mission

1) To provide our customers with optimal machinery and production solutions facilitating operation with the highest accuracy and efficiency for superior products while also maximizing profitability in metal press manufacturing and production.
2) Facilitating machinery and factory environs that will assure the customer of machine longevity with ease of maintenance and smooth operation.
While it may seem simple, at Megatech we have stood by these vastly important principles since the foundation of our company.
With this mission as a solid foundation, at Megatech we are able to constantly strengthen our maintenance and support capabilities as well as understand better the characteristics of a wide array of metal press production related products.
At Megatech this extensive experience in customer support for already existing products has led to the creation of our own original products that offer creative solutions to old problems we have seen over and over again.
Summary of Megatech business operation
The Megatech story
OUT-OF-BOX Powerful solution
story 01
Megatech began in a small one-room office In Yamagata Prefecture. Although we began quite small, from the very beginning we not only sold various brands of press machinery, but also had development staff dedicated to customization of press machinery and peripheral accessories. As our creative customizations became more popular, the dedication to our mission began to pay off.
story 02
In 2000, as Megatech operations continued to expand, a new plant and facility was built in Tochigi Prefecture. A new office was established on site and the product development team was fortified. At this time Megatech also began to re-sell used machinery, meticulously restored in house before being put back on the market.
story 03
From 2000 Megatech began to build completely original machinery made-to-order, and optimized from our years of experience in customization of other machines. Then in 2001 depressed production market conditions created demand for a new type of machinery with a lower cost to operate while only taking up a small amount of space. This demand gave rise to the birth of our "MA-1" series machines.
story 04
Since that time Megatech has continued to grow in size and popularity, offering machinery that has demonstrated reliability and efficiency. We have also expanded with a line-up of high-speed transfer press machines, the "MTP" series, which have superior reliability across a variety of processes under high speed operation and with automatic functionality. Megatech has also expanded to offer made-to-order production line installations including press machinery and related peripheral accessories.
story 05
At Megatech we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and understand our responsibility for, and the importance of product longevity. To maximize machine lifespan, upon request Megatech can handle sale to installation services so that the condition of machinery can be closely controlled at each step. We can also offer on-site consultation and sudden factory layout adjustments to optimize production efficiency and machine longevity. We now have a large transport capacity including a large flatbed trailer and a gantry crane amongst our fleet of transport vehicles. This fleet, coupled with our team of experts, allows us to transport large-scale press machinery and also relocate entire factory facilities.
story 06
Our policy of sale to installation service and responsibility is not limited only to Japan, and to date Megatech has supplied services and machinery to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Korea, America, Mexico, Poland, Czech Republic, and a total of 11 countries outside of Japan. In 2001 an affiliated company was established in Hong Kong, and in 2012 another was established in Thailand. At Megatech we continue to fortify our services, maintenance, and support systems around Asia pacific, and the rest of the world.
story 07
We are often asked about what is next for Megatech. We will continue to do business as we have since the very beginning in our one-room office in Yamanashi, always standing by our motto: Optimal machinery and cutting edge efficiency. One step at a time we will take on new challenges and new projects, growing sustainably and always with pride and a sense of responsibility for everything we do.
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